Mission and values

Mission and values

At ZAREA, we work in a company with 100 years of tradition and we are proud of our experience and reputation. Our mission is to delight our consumers in every special moment of their lives: to offer the joy, excitement and to provide the opportunity of rediscovering the unique savour of combining the experience given by tradition with the world's contemporary standards.

We have the vision of becoming the biggest player on Wine and Spirits Romanian market. We are based on two important drivers: our brands and our people. The achievement of our vision depends on the contribution and commitment of our staff. Our values determine the way we work together and the continuous perpetuation of our values gets us closer to our vision. These are:  

Professional performance

Finalizing every project, task and individual/ team objective at the highest quality standard.

Tradition and expertise

Acknowledging, respecting and promoting the value brought to our products by our 100 years tradition and, by default of the expertise deriving from our prolonged existence.

Client orientation

Evaluation of each action, project, initiative and objective from the perspective of their impact on our clients and consumers

Team spirit

The capacity to understand and accept that every member of the team has his/her own skills and that only teamwork can lead to accomplishing a high standard objective



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Study conducted by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS in Romania, to measure the level of trust, perception and opinion of Romanian consumers about ZAREA.


Romanian consumers believe that ZAREA offers the best quality / price value on the Romanian sparkling wines market - according to the Best Buy Award market study, conducted by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS in Romania.

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